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The Snoro adventure


Passionate about non-conformity, originality and unusual things, I have had the great opportunity to cultivate this enthusiasm in the field of circus arts for more than fifteen years. This endeavour allowed me to tour the world, where I was exposed to architectural, design and art styles that deeply inspired me. A few years ago, while building my circular house with the help of my parents, I started transforming various objects and repurposing them from their original intent. For instance I converted an old washing machine with a wringer and an old confessional booth into a toilet cabinet.


In 2011, aiming to democratize art, I launched the Ni Vu Ni Cornu art gallery, where the works presented had to be accessible and unique.


In 2012, I had the idea of creating my own “enjoyable trade” by mixing all the things I enjoy doing – renovating, creating, tinkering, puttering about, and celebrating uniqueness. I wanted to make my own works of art by transforming mundane objects and creating singular, eccentric pieces that reflect my vision of life, because I believe that difference creates a sympathetic challenge, a sort of questioning, but mostly that it touches people and makes them smile.


The Snoro Company was born of this desire. Playful, bold, and clever, it is still very young, but its head is overflowing with ideas...  Join me in this wild adventure!

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