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Are you looking for something unique and different ?

I can design furniture, objects, lamps, whatever you can imagine. You have an idea, a kernel of an idea, an intuition or a flash? Whether it is a bookshelf made of pipes, a meeting room table made from old road signs, or simply a ceiling light fixture that is so out of the ordinary that you won't find it at IKEA despite regular visits, please feel free to contact me to transform your daily life, and to give it a unique and authentic flavour – the Snoro touch.




Do you dream of an unusually shaped stair railing, of cabinet door knobs made from cutlery, or an unconventional wine cellar ?


Let’s just chat about it to find an original concept for your home.




Do you need coat hooks, a waiting room table, a boardroom table, restaurant benches, an unusual sign, or a different style of display shelves ?


Feel free to tell me about it, and together we'll find the solution that best suits your business.




Have you got peculiar ideas that go beyond anything I’ve managed to imagine till now ?


Contact me and we’ll explore various possibilities.

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